About me

My name is Nicole. Hi there. As we might embark on a very personal journey together, I would like you to know a few things about me and what brought me here:

I was born in Germany and after having lived in several cities in Germany as well as Texas and London, am now - actually for more than thirteen years already - living in Luxembourg with my partner and our two sons, aged 4 and 7. My mother tongue is German, I speak English, French, Luxembourgish and a bit of Icelandic - hey, at least everything baby related ;-) It is chaotic sometimes - that's why the basics have to be right.

A few years back, when I was struggling with some health issues, I kept thinking, as so many of us do: "Hey, what is important in life? Not to others, but what is important to me, in my life? How can I be more of who I really want to be, happy, healthy, content?"

I played around with a few ideas and soon discovered that I do not need all the things I have. I started with decluttering my closet, then our apartment, our life, even our diet, basically everything. It felt so good, I felt freed, calm, inner peace, happy, much more balanced, just by getting rid of things.

discovered: Yes, less is indeed more!

Not only had I less things, I had more: time, money, love, even health and energy.

Believe me, if I can do it, you can as well - I am here to help!

Clutter is not just physical stuff.

It's old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits.

Clutter is anything

that does not support

your better self.

Eleanor Brown